Tuesday, January 18, 2011

calafia palo alto

one of the most difficult things about being vegan is traveling. it's hard enough to find vegan options in l.a., let alone in random cities across the country. when i ask the waiter at most restaurants if there is a vegan option, he usually lights up as he tells me about the roasted vegetable plate that the chef can easily put together for me. i'm sorry, but grilled zuchinni and rice pilaf does not excite me in the same way that a spinach dragon noodle bowl does.

tonight i am in palo alto for work and i decided to go out to dinner with some co-workers. we ended up at a hip little restaurant called calafia that will now most definitely be my go-to when i'm up here. not only does calafia have an entire menu dedicated to vegetarians (here), but tons of the things on that menu are vegan and gluten free! i had the crimson quinoa salad (above) and braised greens with almond butter. highly recommend the latter.

the food is not the only thing to rave about. the atmosphere at calafia is awesome, too. the light fixtures made out of old milk bottles and the old wooden community tables give it a really funky, yet inviting vibe. if you're ever in the palo alto or mountain view area, i'd highly recommend you visit calafia. yum.

855 el camino real
palo alto, ca
(650) 322-9200

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  1. this looks great! i want to go there with you next time. xo